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It’s time for B1A4’s Solo Day so let’s all fly with B1A4! So B1A4 decided to be crazy weird in this mv not like they haven’t done it before but his one might just top all of the others npthing can top what’s happening though thats for sure but in this mv all the members live their lives pretty normally well except for baro who is a space geek and keeps trying to make crazy inventions to get in contact with aliens I think but yeah besides that everyone is pretty normal gongchans a floweroy vagabond or something like that sanduel is a pizza delivery guy, cnu is an obsession guy and I think jinyoyng has to be my favorite cause he’s a couch potato which is exactly what I am lol seriously I don’t know what was going on in this mv what with the video game character versions of the members which were extreamly cute and then the huge UFO that just popped out of no where in the sky and started to try and suck ip the earth or destroy it I don’t know they really out did themselves for the mv but the song is what makes it even weirder because it’s just has a calm and chill beat to it while all this crazy stuff happens around them and the album well it has some really good songs thats all I can tell you which is why you should check it out because I can’t just tell you its good all the time you should see for yourself but this mv and album is completely their style and its great like them so all you BANA’s show them love like always ♡ and thats my review for B1A4’s Solo Day hope you enjoyed and be sure to leave a like (^_~) #kpop #multifandom #worldofseoul #korean #music #comeback #MV #soloday #Cnu #Jinyoung #Sanduel #Baro #Gongchan #Jellyfish #kpopboys #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #kpopworld
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So before Henry was trapped and now he’s fantastic lol I think that hid comeback is pretty good jot as good as trapped but it’s cutting it close I was excieted when I got his very first album last year and I’ll probably be even happier to get his second one because its just as good as the first one I swear I think my second favorite song besides fantastic would be bad girl! But who am I kidding Henrys songs are always good and catchy im happy rhat he can perform more as a solo artist and I can’t wait to see how well he will do in the future but seriously in the music video I didn’t really understand the whole thing with the girl turning into a violin or her being their in the first place I guess it was just sments way of showing off one of the girls from smrookies I can’t remember her name so if you could tell me who it is I’d be very happy but back to the song like I said it’s not as good as trapped but its definitely catchy and I can see my self singing to it once in a while the dance though there’s not much to it this time they kept it really simple and easy to follow I guess since they added in henry playing his violin and dance too they tried to keep him from messing up his transition from the dance to his violin and I think it worked out pretty good which is really nice so you should totally get this album if you love Henry as much as me and my friend do and just support him to the fullest! Being a solo artist isn’t as easy as you think! Welk thats been my review on henry and his classy and kind of funky album comeback which is just perfect for him and his style! Stay tuned for more I still have a couple of reviews to do so I won’t keep you waiting for too long be sure to like this post if you enjoyed it seeya (^_~) #kpop #music #kpopworld #worldofseoul  #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #Henry #fantastic #multifandom #MV #SM #smrookies #kpopboys #comeback #korean #kpop #review
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Everday is Girl’s Day!!!! Love that slogan and now its time for my review on Girls day and their comeback with Darling!! Let’s just say that Girl’s Day havr been having some really good comebacks lately with their sexy concepts they are definitely getting better at portraying sexy but for this mv they’ve toned it down just a bit to combine sexy and cute together and make an unbelievably cute comeback for summer! I think for all of us girl’s here can say that we’d want to be called a guys darling and be held close and dear to his heart I know I do ^^ and I think this album is great too because its just so cute and im usually not that drawn into cute cause some times it can be contagious and make me want to act cute all the time for no reason ^^; haha yeah and thats not really my thing but anyways back to the album I really like the songs because even though some are quiet and just have a steady beat they really fit with Girl’s Day and their voices especially minah’s voice! I really like the song look at me it just amazing im sure we all have different opinions but for me this is my favorite song I think they did a really good job for a summer comeback and album and the mv was funny too but still really cute and I especially liked their outfits perfect for summer I think you should definitely check it out as well as the album! So let’s all have a Girls Day moment and just make Everyday a Girl’s Day!!! Seriously I really like that slogan, well that’s been my review on Girl’s Day and their great summer comeback and I can’t wait to see more from them in the future like always they never dissapoint me with their comebacks!  So until my next review oh and don’t forget to like this if you enjoyed my review sorry their always so long I just talk way too much ^^; but anyways seeya (^_~) #music #seoullovers #worldofseoul #kpopworld #seoulpigeons #mv #kpop #review #kpopgirls #girlsday #Minah #Hyeri #Yura #Sojin #DreamTea #Loen #Darling #summerparty #comeback #cute #album #amazing
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So it looks like we have legends in the making with this new boy group ghats entered the world of kpop and let me tell you they have really good vocals im obviously impressed with their debut song amd mv the dance I didn’t really get to see as much in the mv but im sure its good too and as you know from me I usually fall for rappers first I have no clue why its just a thing with me if yoy asked me who most of my biases are they’d be the rapper. it really just depends on if a member impresses me or charms me with his looks or personalty and im known for changing my biases in groups a lot so since I still don’t know what any of the members are like yet I’ll just stick with the rapper as my current favorite ♡ but anyways back to the group I think just like any rookie group that they will surprise us more in the future and will continue to grow more and more as the time passes so why don’t you go and check them out if you haven’t already and give them lots of love and support! Thats all for my review on Legend and their amazing debut I hope to see more from them in the future especially that cute rapper I seriously need to learn his name ^^ leave me a like if you enjoyed this review and until the next time! (^_~) #music #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #review #worldofseoul #mv #kpop #Legend #debut #amazing #korean #kpopworld
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Alright we have another new boy group and I definitely think this might be the most unique debut I’ve seen seeing as they didn’t just debut showing off their skills or that interesting of a dance or song they more just showed us how great their country is is through one song and just introuduced themselves to the world in many different languages which I think is really cool even though the song isn’t something I’d sing or listen to every day its definitely catchy especially the part where they say hello in different languages which now if I ever go to china, japan, korea, thailand, france or germany I think gutentag is german im not sure correct me if im wrong but it is definitely the most fun part of the song seriously its extreamly catchy so it will be really cool to see what else they have instore for us so lets just support this new rookie group and see where B.I.G will go to in the future unfortunately I don’t know any of their names yet so I can’t hashtag them but I will try to spread this review as much as I can and don’t forget to check out my other reviews while your at it I’d really appreciate it ^^ so till the next time! #kpopboys #debut #big #kpopworld #worldofseoul #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #kpop #music # korean #mv #interesting #review
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Alright this review is definitely overdue but im here now and let me just say that this album even though it wasn’t what I really expected of a rebirth it was still great and I enjoy listening to it NU’EST have decided to make a very interesting comeback the video even though there are some parts I don’t understand is actually really good especially with the really jaw dropping parts like when jr went to eat the fish and ren with the flower he got from the toilet and also minhyun and the tattoo’s yeah I can’t really tell where they were taking everything but I can tell you this the song and dance somehow make the video just go extreamly well together especially the chorus I really like that part and I feel like instead of changing their style amd trying a rebirth that is completely different from all their past comebacks they kept their style and were able to make it their own just a bit more classy and fancier than before which I really liked and lets not forget this amazing time in history where Ren didn’t have blonde hair I mean he even went and through the trouble of making himself more manly and I think he definitely showed us that he can be manly too especially with those abs he is growing up too and evrn though he’s still extreamly prettier than most guys that won’t stop him from showing how manly he can be ^^ oh the album again I like how the last 4 or 5 songs are from their past comebacks it definitely shows us how much they’ve grown over the years and its always good to go back to the past and listen to their great songs I don’t think I can say anything else except that I love this comeback it definitely shows us the other side to NU’EST and as well as what they xan do in the future ♡ well thats been my review of this great comeback even though its slightly overdue but I hope you don’t mind I’m just really busy! And don’t wait to long I’ll have more reviewd coming your way so stay tuned and enjoy (^_~) #nuest #Aron #Ren #Jr #Minhyun #Baekho #comeback #mv #album #music #kpop #kpopworld #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #kpopboys #worldofseoul #review #pledis #Goodbyebye #rebirth #amazing #different
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This might be a short review because 100% only had 3 songs on the album but this comeback might not be as good as their last one but its still catchy and with a few more listens I could probably like the song more than I do now the video is something else though it was soooo cute and had some good moments too in the dance and they all looked adorable even though minwoo is in the army amd sanghoon left the group 100% is still doing their best as a 5 memeber group and im sure that when minwoo returns their comeback will be even more anticipated and probably top all the other ones but the songs on the album aren’t bad but their just not something I’d listen to all the time but maybe one day if I just listen to it over and over again it might just get stuck in my head! this has been my review for 100% sunkiss and u beauty for all you 100% fans support this group and just love them with all of your heart ♡ theres still more to come so see you soon! #100% #Kpoplovers #kpopboys #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #worldofseoul #minwoo #changbum #rokhyun #jonghwan #chanyong #hyukjin #TOPMedia #sunkiss #mv #album #ubeauty #kpopworld
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Okay I can not even begin to tell you how freaking excited I was for this comeback like do you know how long I’ve been waiting for cclown to come back for a while and I did like their last one but this new comeback and album with their new imagine is soooooo hot I had goosebumps when I listened to the album and the video omfg the video was sooooooo good especially with our smexy leaders shirtless dance break ;) that definitely was the best part I mean I know the vocals and the song and the dance were good but that six pack was just calling for my attention and I just kept replaying that part in the mv sorrt but hey you would too im not the only one right??? Don’t lie you did too ^^ now I know a lot of fans might complain saying they liked their old style better with the suits and I do too but you have to get used to change because it will happen just like it did for shinee superjunior and every other boy group that tried a new style out so just deal with it and enjoy the abs that were givin to you rome is being generous and showing us his abs don’t reject them accept them and also listen to their new album and buy it while your at it because it is amazing and I am sooooo going to get it trust me I don’t lie I think my favortie song on the album though would be the title song and yeah yeah yeah but yeah all of the other songs are great and ok I should probably stop now while I can but just show cclown a lot of love and listen to their album because its just perfection!!!! Thats it for my review hope you enjoyed this very long review most of you won’t read the whole thing but hey that won’t stop me from writing! ^^ I still have more coming so stay in tune for more of my reviews on albums and of course videos (^_~) #rome #ray #kangjun #tk #siwoo #maru #letslove #abs #hot #omg #youdontevenknow #kpoplovers #kpop #worldofseoul #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #kpopworld #kpopboys  #music #album #LOVEIT #cclown
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This is probably a late review but I’ll do it anyway so F(x) is finally back and let me tell you this might be the best comeback yet I know I liked rumpumpum but red light is more my style and definitely fits their style! Now the album it has a lot of good songs and I listened to all of them and I can honestly say that its a really good album and I’d totally recommend you f(x) fans to buy the album I might buy it myself but thats another story. I love the style and outfits for this comeback its really cool and I would probably wear it myself if I had the chance to and their hairstyles are amazing I especially like lunas hair I would totally get that hair style its just to die for ^^ and I think thats all I have to say about this album and comeback this group never disappoints and they’ve managed to make me addicted to their song all of over again I’ll probably learn the dance to this like I did for rumpumpum. So thats the end of my review hope you liked it ^^ I have a few more to do so just wait a bit ^^ #fx #sulli #luna #krystal #victoria #amber #SM #review #redlight #album #amazing #loveit #seoullovers #seoulpigeons #kpoplovers #kpop #worldofseoul #kpopworld
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